Release stress and anxiety with Psychotherapy
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Release stress and anxiety with Psychotherapy

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Embark on a healing path that embraces your whole being—mind, body, and spirit.

Ideal for those struggling with:

✅ Disconnection: Feeling lost and detached, even in familiar surroundings.

✅ Emotional Turmoil: Struggling with anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma, leading to a storm of overwhelming emotions.

✅ Inner Conflict: Fighting against a relentless inner critic that whispers doubts about self-worth and belonging.

Why Choose Spiritual Psychotherapy?

My unique blend of Spiritual psychotherapy is rooted in both the psychological practice of Acceptance and commitment therapy ‘ACT’ and interweaved with eastern meditation practices. It consists of a combination of talk- therapy, meditation, exercises, intuitive healing and spiritual well- being. People are gifted with the ability to think, problem solve, predict and avoid future threat. However this same gift can lead us into deep suffering when applied to our mind and emotions such as hyper worrying, falling into depression and being stuck in the mind. People who have tried spiritual psychotherapy often experience their minds becoming calmer, emotions being released, connection to authentic self and hope being restored. This inner transformation can bring a new life energy, clarity, connection and confidence. Most people are generally more able to handle lives challenges, activated emotions and negative thoughts with a newfound centred self and ability to courageously move towards living what’s deeply important to them.

How Does a Typical Session Unfold?

A psychotherapy session looks like a explorative journey threading mind, emotions, self and spirit together. Connection between therapist and client are at the core of cultivating a healthy alliance for the therapy to work, thus the first session is about connecting and intuitively feeling into the chemistry. The methodology is stemming from the masters of ACT therapy such as Kelly Wilson (ACT co-founder), Robyn Walser and Rikke Kjelgaard along side Mahamudra buddhist meditation master Daniel Brown. During therapy you are guided through exercises, meditations, and talk- therapy to help uncover and relate with thoughts, emotions and self. With psychotherapy, connection to authentic self is strengthened, emotional traumas are healed, the mind goes from chaos to calm, the mind (ego) goes from enemy to friendly ally. This restores life energy, where the nervous system can heal and you are able to live your life led by your authentic self. You become balanced between mind, body, self and spirit.

Why Is This Approach So Effective?

Psychotherapy has been proven successful in treating a wide range of psychological issues. It’s effective because it helps the person to relate to their chaotic inner thoughts and emotions. A sense of calm and life energy is regenerated. Through the process of awareness, letting go and engaging. Through holding a safe space and deep presence, I intuitively guide you through your thoughts, emotions and memories. Working in this way the nervous system goes from being stuck with emotional blockages towards unburdening and healing. Psychotherapy can give you the connection to your authentic self back, from this place you are able to connect with compassion and love in relationships, feel the joy of life energy again and take action towards doing things that which makes your heart sing and is deeply important to you.

Who Am I?

My approach to psychotherapy was born out of my own suffering, sensitivity and journey to heal, self - develop and grow spiritually. In 2010, through meditation I had a spiritual encounter, which awoke an awareness of my ego and gave a profound connection to spirit and my intuitive authentic self. This practice combined with later training as a psychotherapist helped me in many ways to heal from the inside out, getting clarity and calm within my chaotic racing mind and regulating my dark emotions. It has brought a deep connection with my authentic self and purpose for my life. Since then, I have a gained a range of professional skills through A Psychotherapy education, self- development courses, NLP trainings, Meditation courses, and a Specialist Acceptance and commitment therapy training. Along side my trainings, I have travelled to over 46 countries and moved from Australia to Denmark with my wife and kids. The combination of being a psychotherapist, spiritually sensitive person and International gives a unique and intuitive ability to relate, heal and give you therapy.

❓What Can Be Treated?

Psychotherapy has been proven effective in treating among others, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. You may also experience

✅ Regulating emotions such as anger, shame & sadness.

✅ Healing emotional blockages.

✅ Regenerating life energy and purpose.

✅ Reconnecting to authentic self Improved mental health.

✅ Compassionately relating in relationships.

✅ Alleviating mental health symptoms.

✅ Alleviating mental and emotional pain.

✅ Healthy relation to mind.

✅ Ability to take action in the face of fear.

✅ Presence and engagement with life.

✅ Empowered energy to take valued action.

✅ Conscious deepened awareness.

❓ How Does It Work?

Psychotherapy works by helping you to relate with your thoughts, regulate emotions and connect to living your authentic self. It gives you the ability to be present, let go of thoughts, emotions and engage in life. Through this process clients often experience a newfound flexibility within how they react and are more able to choose their behaviours differently, giving them a sense of control over their life.

❓ How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The timeframe for how many sessions of psychotherapy is varied, largely because no two people are the same. After the first session, I give more clarity based on what you bring into therapy on how many sessions it will take. However, most clients experience a clear and profound transformation within themselves after 5 sessions.

Ready to begin your journey?

You can find the clinic here

Jonathan Marinatos - Guiding you back to your authentic self.

📍 Address: Åboulevarden 39, 3. tv, 8000 Aarhus

📞 Phone: 7179227

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Let's walk this path together.



Hvad er inkluderet

Included in the first free session is a discussion centered around your needs, followed by a professional assessment and guidance on how I can support you in addressing your concerns.

Act Of Living​
Act Of Living​

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Are you experiencing mental health and emotional struggles, where you feel overwhelmed and stuck with what you can do to make it better? You are not alone. I know what it is like and as a psychotherapist I am qualified to help you make changes towards improving your life.

I am an educated psychotherapist in Australia. My clinic, Act of living, is in the heart of Aarhus. Here I work with International and Danish clients. I do individual and couples therapy both in english and danish. Together let us create the first changes in your life, so you can experience feeling your authentic self again.

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Hey. I had the pleasure to have five sessions with Jonathan. They went great. He is a great listener and greatly focused on helping. He kept me in my safe bubble and gave me good tools to be working with, which is awesome. Thank you, Jonathan. I would definitely recommend him, to anyone struggling!
I have been very happy recieving therapy from ACT of living. It have been the most helpful. Even though you can't expect it I have left every session with a new understanding of my world, -I would dare call it an epiphany. Jonathan has been very skilled in helping me resolve my problems and I feel as I am in a new better place now after my sessions. I would highly recommend him:)
I started going to Jonathan’s a couple of months ago. Wauw. I am so so happy with him and the therapy. In a very short time we dived into some deep issues I had, but in a very natural and calm way, and have since worked on specific things inside of myself. And I am BLOWN away by the improvement of my mental health. The tools and conversations are easy to digest, and very effective. Jonathan is a person you feel calm being around, and his way of listening, understanding and communicating is second to none. I’m so happy I started going there, and I know that I’ll continue for a long time. I can’t recommend Jonathan enough!
Jonathan is a wonderful person, I could feel it from the moment he walked in to the room. He is a very open minded spirit and connected easily with me through his empathy. It is obvious he cares for his patients and gives 110% in the sessions. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who is ready to get to know himself/herself better and work on achieving a better emotional balance.
To everyone out there, my therapy session with Jonathan has helped me a lot to become more authentic every single day. I didn't know that I need help to become more authentic and accept myself the way I'm regardless where I live, my inner critic or other external expectation. It's tough especially when I'm living abroad, (in my case) changing countries every 4 years, so I had to adapt to new environment while getting to know who I am and my contribution in this world. Jonathan has helped me a lot to notice my authentic self and to show up everyday as her! It's indeed a live changing service that he provides.
Jonathan and I had 13 sessions together and from the very first session I felt the warmth of his personality. I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me in my journey of trying to understand myself better, and he most certainly did. I always entered a space where I felt safe sharing my thoughts and feelings, and he was always very present with me in that space. Sitting with someone who you feel wants to help you, felt healing in itself. That’s what I think is the most amazing thing about Jonathan; he comes from a very genuine and loving place. I didn’t start therapy in a period of crisis, but I wanted help to understand myself and what to work on. Jonathan did such a good job of helping me understand my own values and letting those values be the guideline for how to navigate in my life. Along the way challenging times did arise, and Jonathan helped me meet those circumstances in ways that I had not tried before and which I am very grateful of today. I was consistently becoming more and more conscious about my thought and behavior patterns, and those situations I worked through will stand as important lessons in my life. I was also glad to learn that Jonathan was not new to spirituality. Leading up to the first session I had started dedicating myself to the spiritual tradition called Sikhi (Sikhism) and I felt very comfortable and grateful to have him by my side in the beginning of my own spiritual journey. I whole-heartedly recommend Jonathan to others who wants to learn about themselves and live a more meaningful life.
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